Jenny & Adam Engagement - Sacrameno Capital Park

Jenny and Adam are getting married this December at the Sequioa Mansion and I could be more excited for this couple. They are totally sweet and fun. I asked for them to write a little something something on how they met each other for the blog and their story has got me grinning from ear to ear!

Jenny: Adam and I first met the day we moved into our college dorm at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. It was the beginning of an amazing friendship. Adam and I would convince our group of friends to take trips to the beach at 2am. A common activity of ours was rollerblading up and down the Pacific coast on Highway 1. We made lots of late night trips to get Coke Icees from the 24 hour gas station. We had many conversations about life, love, and pretty much anything you could think of. Towards the end of freshman year, when I finally worked up the courage to tell Adam that I was “in like” with him and he reciprocated my feelings, I knew something really great had begun. With such a strong friendship as the foundation, our relationship took off immediately. I knew Adam was the one about one month into it. Since then, things have only gotten better. He has seen me at my best, my worst, and everything in between and he loves me with all that he has. I have never felt so right about anything in my life. He is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Adam: I left for college a goofy kid with ridiculous hair looking to learn something a little more about life. I met Jenny on our first day at school and we immediately clicked. We grew as “just friends” for about 9 months, until we finally admitted to each other that we had stopped being “just friends” months before. Since then she has been gracious enough to let me deeper and deeper into her life. From her early years to the day before we met, Jenny has shared so many details and stories of her life with me that I feel like we must have known each other for more than the 4 years it’s been. I know she is the one for me, because I can’t remember my life before she was the person I needed to tell my most important and most mundane news to. So often people say that “you just know” when you’ve met the right person. I’m usually not one to believe something so intangible, but with Jenny I have no word; I just know.

Stylized Wedding Session with Sweet Sinsation @ Old Sugar Mill

 What? Another blog entry? Yes! So I have always wanted to do a stylized shoot and I was so excited when Gigi from Sweet Sinsation Events coordinated on and asked if I would like to shoot it! It was like the clouds parted in the sky and the sun shined down upon me. haha! Well not that dramatic, but I was def excited!

Gigi expressed that she wanted to do a “Tea for two” theme and that she would like to use a real couple verses models for the shoot and asked if I knew of anyone. Amy and Christian popped into my mind right away! They are my clients and are getting married this December. We had so much fun popping champange bottles and slurping shakes together during their engagement  that I knew they were who I thought would be perfect for this shoot! A blog for their shoot will be posted later, but I want to post this stylized shoot first!

Without further adieu! My favs from the session!



























List of Vendors:

Photographer: Liz Zimbelman Photography
Venue: Old Sugar Mill (Boiler Room)
Furniture, Silverware/Flatware, China, Stemware: Dogwood Party Rentals
Paper Items: Throne Invitations
Florist/Select Lounge Accent Pieces: Jackie’s Flowers
Bridal Dresses/Hair Fascinator: Enchanted Bridal Shoppe
Hair/Makeup: Beela & Dexe
Chocolate Truffles: Capitol Confections
Coordination/Styling: Sweet Sinsations Events

hi! my name is liz and i am a blogging procrastinator

So I have never been one to update a blog daily or at ALL. I am a procrastinator. SIMPLE. AS. THAT. I have always been one my whole life, yet I miraculously finish projects, papers or whatever it is on time. Could it be that I work better under pressure? Perhaps. Whatever my reason it, it’s unknown to me.

When it comes time to blog, I am awful! I know, you can say it. I’ve heard things from some of my favorite photographers about the importance of blogging. Blog about what you ate. Blog about your latest trip to get coffee (which is everyday, UGH!). Blog about ANYTHING they say! It’s a constant nagging in my head, but yet the more I nag myself the less I want to do it! But here I am. Starting my first one.

I have always relied heavily on Facebook to promote my business and its worked. However, I felt like I am not connecting with my clients. My clients don’t have a clue who I am besides the photos I post. When I looked for a photographer for my wedding, I dug and dug to learn about who he/she was. If they were fun, humorous, drank mochas all day like I did… I just wanted to learn about them before meeting them. When it came to me and my website, I failed. I know I need to invest my time in letting my clients know who I am before they meet me. I want them to get a sense of who I am as a mother, a wife and as a photographer before they meet me. So TAH - DAH!!! Here I am, hear me ROAR! Ok that was bad but I just listened to the new Katy Perry song so forgive me!

In this first blog I’ve attached some of my favorite engagement photos from the past couple of months. I will start to blog my sessions like a normal person from now on. Scouts honor! So here’s to the first entry! Please ignore the inconsistant logos. I had a mid-career crisis and rebranded from head to toe. LOL Can’t promise that that will stop!