photos taken during the filming of promo video - k street sacramento

 So a few weeks back I enlisted the talents of Christian (THANK YOU!!!) of DaCosta Productions to create a promo video for my website. He created an AHH-MAZING video which displays my interaction with my couple during a regular wedding session. I wanted my future clients to see what a session would be like and hope to give that future client a little more insight on my personality and how I work before meeting me. I seriously couldn’t be more happy with the final product! If you are in need of a videographer for anything I HIGHLY recommend Christian!

If you have time, take a gander and let me know what you think! Below are photos that I took while Christian was filming me doing my thang! Enjoy because those models are definitely eye candy!!


                                                                                                                                       Liz Zimbelman


















Tammy + Ryan's Enagement - Pacific Grove/ Carmel Engagement session

This has to be one of my favorite engagement sessions! Only because we got to visit the beauty that is Carmel and Pac Grove. It’s so beautiful there and it has scenery much unlike Sacramento. Don’t get me wrong. I love Sacramento and I am proud to call it my home, but there’s just something so beautiful being by the water.

Also, my bride was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! Seriously, Tammy looks like a dead ringer for Olivia Wilde! Ryan, you are one lucky man! They met in Monterey so they wanted to shoot in the city where it all began. Tammy was a trooper the whole time. It had to be 40 degrees and windy, but she had a beautiful dress and wanted to wear it. Here I am wearing my sweater and then I put on her sweater on top of my other sweater, nose all running! Snot crystals starting to form; I was definitely a hot mess.

On the way home they treated me to one of the best clam chower in a bread bowl I’ve ever had, purchased right on Cannary Row. If you know me, the way to my heart is through my stomach! *sigh* During this really really cold weather that Sacramento is having, that hot bowl of clam chower sounds very good right now. Hope you guys are staying warm!


                                                                                                                                                           Liz Zimbelman










Amy and Christian Engagement - Sacramento Capital Park

Well lookie here! 2nd blog in a row! I am on a roll!

I cannot describe how much I love these two! Remember when I mentioned I LOVE props during engagement sessions? Well the finally of the session was them shaking up a bottle of champange and opening it! You bet I used my zoom lens for that shot!

Amy and Christian are getting married New Years Eve and I was hesitant on taking on a job during the holidays, but for a couple to have a wedding on New Years Eve you know they are going to be tons of fun! Amy is a Colorado transplant and a hairstylist and Christian is an amazing videographer! He did my promo video in the intro of my website and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! There were many photos from this session that I love so I included many for you to view. Enjoy!